Why Core Values Matter When Developing a Personal Brand

I used to think core values were pointless. Just words trying to impress a prospect, largely lip service. You know, words like integrity, respect, passion, etc. They seemed like something you felt obligated to do as a business, but I didn’t really understand why.

Experience has taught me that core values are the absolutely critical foundations for every brand and are effective when used across all areas of your business, especially in your marketing. 

So what is a core value?

Core values are essentially behaviors. A promise of what you will deliver and that you are prepared to be held accountable to. At Thought Leaders Blueprint we have 5 core values: Authenticity, Nurturing, Action Oriented, Tough Love and Purpose Driven. We look for these behaviors in our prospects, clients and our team because we know we are likely to work effectively with them . 

When we look at top brands today we see companies that are driven by their values. From recruitment to strategy, community engagement and of course their marketing.

These brands know that living their core values is critical for marketing. Their employee experience impacts customer experience, which essentially impacts the overall brand experience. 

As I mention above, values create accountability. If your behaviour strays from your values, you can be damn sure your customers will let you know. This can mean reputational damage, which in the age of social proof can be costly. 

Companies without actionable core values often struggle with marketing. There is no consistent voice, because nobody knows how to behave or express the brand. When you think about it, marketing is about driving behaviors. How can you expect to influence a prospective clients behavior if you are not clear on your own?

Conviction is the mother of effective communication. By building your personal brand around your core values, you will attract your target audiences. 

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