An 8 week hands on programme to help you design & build your brand, then confidently take it to market.

Our accelerator will take you from expert to mastery and help you commercialise your knowledge.


Starts 13th January 2022

8 Week Accelerator Program

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Our comprehensive 'hands on' program is designed to give you everything you need to develop and market your thought leadership business. We will help you get clarity on your identity and the markets you serve. We will help you nail your positioning and build propositions that hold appeal for your audience. We will help you identify opportunities and raise your profile.


An intensive (virtual) accelerator designed to transform your knowledge into a successful business. This is not a spectator sport... Our accelerator requires participation and more importantly action.

At the end of four weeks you will be;

  • Clear on your IDENTITY, where you add value and understand your why.
  • You will understand the different BUSINESS MODELS available to you which hold more promising commercial opportunities.
  • You will have developed a STRATEGY to take your thought leadership business to market.
  • You will know how to develop CONTENT which positions you as the go-to person in your field.
  • You will be focussed on DELIVERY... and have a mindset to constantly improve.


  • 8 x 'Hands On' half day sessions (1 per week)
  • 8 Assignments (1 per week)
  • 4 x One to one coaching sessions (1 every 2 weeks)
  • 4 x Mastermind sessions (1 every 2 weeks)
  • Access to a wealth of online resources
  • Private mastermind mastery group
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Hivemind thinking is for anyone who has ideas or knowledge to share, and wants to understand the process of creating their personal brand, building their business proposition and taking it to market.

  • Consultants who already have expertise but would like to be more recognised for it.
  • Authors who would like to create more opportunities to capitalise on their work.
  • Business owners who want to raise their profile and share their expertise.
  • Existing speakers who want to up their game and get booked more often.
  • Knowledge professionals who want to elevate their business.
  • Coaches who want to develop their own methodology and be 'known' for it.


Hivemind thinking was developed by a pair of Warrens'... Warren Knight and Warren Cass. Two highly recognised speakers, best-selling authors and consultants, who are collaborating to share their insights so you can fast track your business.

Hivemind is designed to help aspiring experts develop their thinking, whilst helping them to productise and commercialise their knowledge.

Warren Knight

Warren Knight is an award-winning keynote speaker, top 100 Global Influencer and top 100 Tech Influencer, he’s internationally recognised as a speaker, trainer, and coach on Digital Leadership & Digital Transformation and author of Think #Digital First.

With nearly 15 years of stage experience and 30 years running businesses, in the last three years, Warren has created a unique “digital-first” methodology and traveled the world as a keynote speaker and executive trainer sharing his knowledge with experts, business owners, executives and CEOs of corporate organisations.

Warren Cass

Warren Cass is an international keynote speaker and best selling author of 'Influence - How to raise your profile, build your reputation and get noticed'.

With over 15 years experience on stage, Warren has spent the last 16 months mentoring other speakers through Thought Leaders Mastermind, helping them get clear on their identity and proposition. He more recently launched his own boutique speaker agency 'Achievers Speakers' to represent the speakers he is working with to help them develop more commercial opportunities.


There are a couple of ways you can find out more to help you decide if Hivemind thinking is for you.

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"The basic economic resource - the means of production - is no longer capital, nor natural resources, nor labor. It is and will be knowledge."

Peter Drucker