A dynamic group committed to personal and professional growth.

You are probably reading this because you are a thought leader is some way shape or form. It may not be the only thing you do, but you have found this page because you want to do more of it, and for a better financial return.

Throughout our careers we have had a variety of mentors who have shared insights, lessons and honest feedback which kept us motivated and inspired. More importantly they kept us accountable. This is only part of what we will achieve with our group.

The objective of our Mastermind is to provide a support framework for each other whereby we can enjoy a confidential environment to develop ideas, develop skills, marketing materials, solve issues, receive constructive feedback and create REAL commercial opportunities for each other.

The last reason is why we expect people will want to join. The others are why they will stay.

This will be a journey in personal AND business development and more importantly, we will develop strong peer support amongst the group.

If you are seriously considering working with us to 'Up Your Game' let's start by jumping on a call to find out more about you and how we can help. Click here to make that happen.


The idea was first introduced by Napoleon Hill in his book, Think and Grow Rich. Growth minded people have been using a mastermind group as a route to success ever since.

Being part of a Mastermind is like having an experienced board of directors focussed on developing you. It’s a way of being part of an exclusive group of people who take their career and personal development seriously.


Click the image to the right to download our full Mastermind brochure where we explain in a little more detail what you can expect from the program.



This session is delivered by a pair of Warrens'. Two highly recognised speaking professionals, who have come together to create the Hivemind thinking, designed to help aspiring speakers hone their craft, whilst helping them to productise and commercialise their knowledge.

Our Mastermind program is billed monthly and includes the following benefits:

  • Monthly group Mastermind meeting with like a minded group. The mastermind is designed to provide you with support, accountability, feedback and be an incubator for your ideas.
  • Monthly 1-2-1 Coaching session with Warren Knight or Warren Cass to support your growth.
  • Monthly Q&A Zoom call for 'HIVE MIND' learning
  • Regular new content & workshops on a variety of subjects
  • Online membership portal with loads of resources


Mastermind is for people who have ideas or knowledge to share. People committed to developing their personal brand, raising their profile and growing their business.

  • Consultants who already have expertise but would like to be more recognised for it.
  • Authors who would like to create more opportunities to capitalise on their work.
  • Business owners who want to raise their profile and share their expertise.
  • Existing speakers who want to up their game and get booked more often.
  • Knowledge professionals who want to elevate their business.
  • Coaches who want to develop their own methodology and be 'known' for it.