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The Impact (and Benefits) of Imposter Syndrome

We all feel inadequate at some point in our lives. We may feel scared that we’re about to be found out as a fraud, that we don’t belong, and that we ended up where we are by accident.  This feeling is called imposter syndrome. When I first heard the term ‘impostor syndrome’, I thought it…

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From the Changing Room to the Board Room – Performance Ideas For Small Business

“Humans would be extinct with a singular approach to the unpredictable” It’s Not Uncertainty – It’s Complexity A question I often get asked is, “don’t you miss it”? It’s a question about football and the interest in my experiences as a professional coach and manager. There’s always some mystique around the game, the personalities and…

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Do Your Research! – How to create deeper engagement with the markets you serve.

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People Buy Outcomes… What Do You Sell?

After many years of procrastinating, I recently decided to take up singing lessons.  While doing my breathing and vocal exercises during my second lesson, I imagined what it would be like to sing in front of my friends and family.  The thought of that excited me but scared me at the same time.   While doing the…

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Time is a More Important Resource than Money.

Over the last two years our nerves and our values have been tested, but this will probably not have been the first time in your life. It’s only in moments of utter calm ( rare as they are) or stress that we are forced to consider what matters to us most. You can watch my…

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Building a Support Network for Growth

Arnold Schwarzenegger stood at the podium when he spoke at the university of Houston and said “I wouldn’t be here without my parents, my mentors, my teachers.” Essentially he was talking about his support network and In this article I want to explore the subject in more detail and provide you with a compelling argument to…

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Listen Up… and Increase Your Impact

What are your thoughts and feelings about entering a new hybrid way of working? What do your team members think and feel? Before we start, I did a Fireside Chat on this topic. The link is below. For some this will be liberating, for others it will be challenging.  What is common for both is that…

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The Rise of The Digital First Customer

If you are marketing your business today, I am sure you will agree it can be challenging. You need a touch of creativity, a splash of analytical thinking and a permanent eye on change. Marketing is more complex now than ever before, requiring tweaks and adjustments based on emerging trends and consumer behaviours. In this…

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Generousity Makes business help eachother community business Hivemind

Why Being a More Generous Leader Will Create a More Successful Business

Generosity from leaders makes business better in all aspects, yet few businesses have discovered the benefits for their business generated by being generous of spirit.  This is not surprising as many of us in the Western world have never discovered the joy of giving freely, and as a result, we can find ourselves trapped into…

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WTF is Influencer Marketing and Why Should I Care?

So you’re a small business, and getting your voice heard is becoming harder and harder in a cluttered online world. Consumers don’t want to be ‘sold to’ and marketing automation is becoming less effective. Why?  Because we want to hear and see authentic voices. We don’t want bombarded with ads or sales emails thrusted into our faces.  In fact consumers are increasingly…

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