A one-day workshop (Delivered by Zoom during lockdown) to help you get real clarity on your who, what and why.

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16th August 2021

Hivemind - Identity Workshop


A full day working on your personal brand for your expert based business. Whether you want to become a keynote speaker, an author or an authority in your field... we will help you get clear on your objectives, who you are as a thought leader, how to position yourself as the go-to expert in your field and explore the potential commercial opportunities available to you. 

  • Live sessions
  • 6 hours of content delivered live & recorded for later playback
  • Private Facebook group
  • Access to online resources
  • Accountability and support
  • Simple and impactful facilitated learning
  • Comprehensive workbook
  • Plus much much more

We believe knowing your values, and keeping them front of mind, changes your behaviour and the way you communicate.

Most of us don’t know our values. We don’t take time to consider what’s most important to us. Instead, we focus on what our culture and our media values.

Of course that is not to say we don’t know how we feel about things... we often have a physical or emotional reaction to situations or others behaviours, this is typically because the situation has positively or negatively connected with a value we hold.

Your Expert Hosts For This Session

This session is delivered by a pair of Warrens'. Two highly recognised speaking professionals, who have come together to create their Accelerator Framework, designed to help aspiring speakers hone their craft, whilst helping them to productise and commercialise their knowledge.

Warren Cass

Warren Cass is an international keynote speaker and best selling author of 'Influence - How to raise your profile, build your reputation and get noticed'.

With over 15 years experience on stage, Warren has spent the last 16 months mentoring other speakers through Thought Leaders Mastermind, helping them get clear on their identity and proposition. He more recently launched his own boutique speaker agency 'Achievers Speakers' to represent the speakers he is working with to help them develop more commercial opportunities.

Warren Knight

Warren Knight is an award-winning keynote speaker, top 100 Global Influencer and top 100 Tech Influencer, he’s internationally recognised as a speaker, trainer, and coach on Digital Leadership & Digital Transformation and author of Think #Digital First.

With nearly 15 years of stage experience and 30 years running businesses, in the last three years, Warren has created a unique “digital-first” methodology and traveled the world as a keynote speaker and executive trainer sharing his knowledge with experts, business owners, executives and CEOs of corporate organisations.


This webinar is for anyone who has ideas or knowledge to share, and wants to understand the process of creating their personal brand, building their business proposition and taking it to market.

  • Consultants who already have expertise but would like to be more recognised for it.
  • Authors who would like to create more opportunities to capitalise on their work.
  • Business owners who want to raise their profile and share their expertise.
  • Existing speakers who want to up their game and get booked more often.
  • Knowledge professionals who want to elevate their business.
  • Coaches who want to develop their own methodology and be 'known' for it.


A full day packed with information and action, designed to give you clarity on who you are, who you serve, what makes you unique, what gives you authority and how to build a personal brand around it.


The focus of this PRACTICAL workshop is to give you a clear understanding of how to develop your own personal brand, develop your business and create opportunities.

  • Gain clarity and focus for your whole business. Understand EXACTLY what you need to be concentrating on and leave behind the confusion of what to do first. Feel the power of being in control and having ownership of your reputation & brand.
  • Understand how to clearly articulate your proposition to your target market. In this session we will help you clear out the clutter that is confusing your marketplace, and make yourself EASY TO BUY.
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As a Psychotherapist & Hypnotherapist I like to think I know a bit about identity. What the two Warrens do is help you take a deep dive into your identity as a deliverer of value-led propositions. If you don’t want to be challenged, this may not be for you, but if you want to gain greater clarity over who you are as a product or service provider, I highly recommend you work with these guys!

Shelley Bridgman

I attended this workshop as I am looking to get ideas how to maximise the reach and benefits I can offer through my Business Consultancy. Warren and Warren covered an enormous amount of content and I left with ideas, actions and knowledge that will surely help me create a business that can make a real difference in the World. I have been so impressed that I am signed up for their 4 week Accelerator Workshop and I am now in the middle of building a new brand and business offer that is everything I imagined and more. This is of tremendous value to anyone who wants to share their knowledge and experience to help others and wants to fast-track their personal/business brand into the market, with the look, feel and strategy to truly make a difference.

Be prepared to work hard, re-evaluate everything you are doing and gain massive insights on how to start, grow or maximise your business depending where you are at the moment.

Warren and Warren both have proven track records of success and share all their golden nuggets with you to give the best chance that you can model your business on theirs and reap the same rewards.

Stephen Karbaron

There is a lot that can be learned from taking time out to work on your personal values, especially as they can change over a lifetime. Clarifying your identity helps you move forward both professionally and personally. Knowing what is important to you helps target those with shared values and informs better decision making. This would be a very useful annual exercise to keep in touch with your core being and goals for the future to keep both you and your business on track to success and satisfaction. Highly recommend the two Warrens!

Amy Nichole