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Multiple Heads Are Better Than One

First of all thanks to my gorgeous cousin Dawn for sharing this on her timeline today because I both love it and think it beautifully summarises what we do at Hivemind.

Below are two videos, which both went viral so there is every chance you have already seen them, or at least one of them. In the first video (And I suggest you watch them in order) is a blind street musician  called Bilal Goregan playing a well known Finnish song called “Levan Polka” using a hand drum.

Pretty cool right? If I was walking past this performance in the park I would stop, clap and tap my feet. 

So then what happened is a perfect example of why I love the internet when it comes to creatives & the expression of ideas. Folk from all over the internet set to work…

In video two we see the original footage, edited, embellished and enhanced to create something entirely different. The enhancement comes from ‘The Kiffness” a group of South African musicians who did an amazing job and brought a smile to my face. I literally only saw this video 20 minutes ago at the time of writing. Enjoy before I relate this to every one of us that create… something.

So why does this relate to our community? Well not just ours actually, but definitely every community where members share their ideas and are open feedback and collaboration. You see sometimes it takes others to help us build upon what we create to make it better… No matter what content we create and how we deliver it. Now of course you may very well have preferred the first ‘simpler’ video to the second, and I accept that. This doesn’t mean though that there isn’t a bigger commercial opportunity as we enhance or evolve our offering.

My simple observation here is that my work is richer for the contribution and feedback I receive from my peers and I am grateful for it. In fact my business partner (Warren Knight) and I recently had a business planning couple of days together and over the two days passionately challenged each other’s thinking… sometimes even if it was uncomfortable for one of us. When we reflected back on the two days, there was not a single challenge that didn’t either A) make the idea even better or B) Give us more conviction for the original idea or C) Abandon the idea and not waste precious time & resources. My point is, it took the challenge to gain clarity… and that was with just two heads.

Within our group there are many heads. All with unique experiences, skills, networks, perspectives and challenges which they bring to the table to make each other improve. Improve their positioning, improve their opportunities, improve their products & services and ultimately improve their chances of success. This is Hivemind thinking.

 If you are looking for a business community that works on a deeper level, then let’s have a virtual cuppa and chat, and see if we are a good fit for each other.

PS – There is a third video that gives context to the cat. When the original video simply added a cat vibing to music… another viral video was born, with over 50m views. What does that tell us about marketing? Would love your thoughts in the comments.