It's all good and well us telling you what we can do for you, but it's far better for us to share the real experiences of the exceptional people we have the privilege to work with.

Deborah Henley

Evolving Leadership

I could not speak more highly of the two Warrens’ Thought Leaders Blueprint Accelerator. They are both men of integrity, wisdom and generosity - as well as being very knowledgeable about the challenges and requirements of building a business.

The programme was thoughtfully structured so that each layer built upon the next and where we may have struggled, they were always there to give us a personalised guiding light. If you are serious about taking your business to the next level then I wholeheartedly recommend that you invest in this - you could not be in better hands.

Simon Napier-Munn

Safety Culture Specialist

I want to thank Warren and Warren for facilitating a life changing experience. From first contact through to the completion of the Accelerator programme their personal attention and commitment to the cause, our development, has been unequivocal throughout.

The mix of group learning, personal coaching and 'hive' problem solving has been an excellent way to grow, and combined with their inspiring and practical sessions provide the ideal vehicle for defining your brand and building the future.

Their well thought through structure and layered approach has allowed me to build a business model in real time.  As a result I have discovered a way forward with renewed focus, clarity, motivation and purpose.

Warren and  Warren have been role models for what they promote and together provide a very effective counterpoint and complement to each other. I can't recommend the programme more highly, an investment for life!

Tamsin Napier-Munn

Founder RAWtalks Academy

The Accelerator programme with Warren & Warren has been extraordinarily life-changing. The brilliance of the process justifies the name and it's clear that it has been developed from years of combined experiences, success and wisdom distilled into simple, yet powerful steps for anyone developing a brand and taking it to market.

Warren Knight and Warren Cass have given me renewed faith and trust that there are coaches at this level that genuinely care and have your interests at heart. They are two of the most authentic business leaders who live their values and I am privileged to be working with them.

Dolores Semeraro

Multilingual Digital Communication Specialist

Daryl Woodhouse

Mental Fitness Speaker & Coach

I signed up to the Accelerator to get clarity on how to position myself as an expert in my field (Business Growth & Mental Fitness) and how to effectively market my services. The programme proved to be a highly valuable and perfect for ambitious people who want to have an impact on their business.

Thought Leaders Blueprint is a quality blend of group coaching, 1:1 coaching, structured homework and valuable IP provided in the form of live interactive sessions, guides, research, videos and much more. Well done guys!

It has been a game changing experience and I have made loads of progress. Very grateful.

Gordon Glenister

Consultant, Author & Speaker

5 Star Experience

Having recently launched my own consultancy I decided to enrol on the Thought Leaders Blueprint Accelerator program, and what a great decision that was.

My objective was to really understand how to build a personal brand that really attracts my target audience, whilst building my authority and raising my profile as a speaker, author and consultant.

The two Warrens not only know their stuff but are great facilitators. They have packed the program with actionable content and features which keep us accountable to ourselves and the other delegates. I have already achieved so much in such a short period of time and feel confident to go to market. Thank you so much.

Celia Peachey

Professional Speaker, Coach, Artist & Activist.


This workshop was divinely timed and so well delivered by Warren and Warren, they were both so attentive and generous in their responses to us all. It was great to connect with others in the group too, it made it feel like a real team collaboration.

As a professional speaker, coach, artist and activist I found it really helpful in gleaning insights into my core values and how to connect the dots between what I love, what I am good at and what I am here to offer.

As a start up, finding a clear position is key, I've always wanted to know more about Thought Leadership, to transform my reality for the better and pass it forward, thats how it works right. This workshop is a wonderful and empowering experience to help you lead in the best possible way. Go for it!

Andrew Ellis

Founder Like minds

I really can't recommend the accelerator enough. It's full of insight and so much actionable content that it will take me a few months to fully digest and deliver across my company.

The course leaders really know what they're talking about and prove the results by implementing what they advocate across their own businesses. They clearly "walk the talk" and I for one will be walking with them down that road!

Anthony Ford

Business Disrupter

If you have the opportunity to undertake one training course to accelerate your business, choose this one.

The two Warren’s are at the top of their respective games and have been pivotal in providing me with a platform to be able to reposition and see how I can transcend from being in the crowd to making a crowd.


Do it.

You will be amazed at what you can achieve.

Tony Walmsley

Leadership Development Performance Under Pressure

Following a successful career in elite sport management specialising in helping athletes perform under pressure, and more recently using the same tools & techniques in business helping teams develop strategies to thrive in pressure environments, I felt it was time to raise my profile and take my services to a wider market. The question was how? Then I discovered Thought Leaders Blueprint.

My objective going in was to seek clarity around building my personal brand and how to position my expertise. I not only achieved this, but also came out with a framework to put the clarity into practice. The program was rich in content, experience and diversity.

Warren Cass and Warren Knight are true experts with complementary strengths, and the cohort they attracted added real depth and support. I now feel more confident than ever about how to take my methodology to market, exactly how to position my services, and to whom. In fact I am already applying the knowledge and creating opportunities.

For anyone looking to take their consultancy to the next level, then Thought Leaders Blueprint is highly recommended. Thank you.

Michelle Bridgman

Transformational Change & Inclusive Leadership


When you've been in the business and entrepreneurial world for a long time, it's easy to become cynical about consultants offering a course that promises a Blueprint to Thought Leadership. My experience of working with the two Warrens was that they fully deliver on the promise. If you are looking to position yourself as a Thought Leader, you need to work with these guys.


As a Psychotherapist & Hypnotherapist I like to think I know a bit about identity and how to form them. What the two Warrens do is help you take a deep dive into your identity as a deliverer of Value led propositions. If you don’t want to be challenged, this may not be for you, but if you want to gain greater clarity over who you are as a Product or service provider, I highly recommend you work with these guys

Elaine Powell

Keynote Speaker, Peak Performance and Public Speaking Coach

As a professional speaker, presenting at conferences and delivering workshops on “Leadership Mindset and Communicating with Authenticity, Confidence and Clarity,” I knew that it was time for me transcend to another level in elevating my visibility as a thought leader in my industry.  After an intensive program, I came away with solid core values, a unique value proposition, clarity around how to ensure that as a thought leader, I continue to grow and in the process transform those around me.

Both Warrens have incredible knowledge, expertise and understanding of what it takes to be a thought leader in your industry.  The sessions, group dynamics, and 1:1 coaching were exceptional and I would highly recommend anyone who wants to take their themselves, their career or business to the next level to be part of this ground breaking experience.

Stephen Karbaron

Business Transformation Consultant

Warren and Warren have joined forces and share so much content and experience on this Accelerator program. They have put together a well structured journey through all stages of creating, nurturing and growing a powerful brand and business that will inspire and help others in their journey too.

There is so much information, tips and resources on this course, delivered in group sessions, Masterminds and 1-to-1 calls, plus lots of sharing with the other, like-minded delegates, who added another level to the learning curve.

If you are starting up, repositioning or simply interested to learn more about Thought Leadership and how you can step up and help others, then this is definitely worth joining.

Thanks Warren and Warren and all the other delegates in my group, I have learnt so much!

Dave Plunkett

Collaboration Junkie & Partnership Expert


Wow, what an awesome day. it was exhausting - but in a good way. So much to think about, so much to take away, and so many 'ah ha' moments during the day.

Warren and Warren delivered the content in a really engaging way, and the interactions with the other group members was amazing as well. On that note, they'd done a great job win ensuring all the people on the workshop were right to be there, so the whole vibe of the day was perfect.

I honestly couldn't recommend the day highly enough.

Miles Clayton

Technical PR Specialist

The combination of Warren Cass’ great knowledge, content, ideas & thought provoking anecdotes and Warren Knight’s exemplary digital marketing knowledge, systems and 1:1 coaching, all wrapped within the brilliant Thought Leadership Blueprint methodology, proved invaluable helping me focus on building a new value proposition and set more ambitious objectives.

I learnt how to create a coaching and training-focused business as a sister company for Agility PR which has sustained me extremely well for nearly 17 years but not freed me from the endless (and often exhausting) cycles of feast followed by famine which often go with the territory of running micro consultancy-based businesses.

Building my digital marketing skills and creating several new revenue streams should be my answer. After a great deal of sage advice and revision exercises over the last 10 weeks, I’m developing a great deal more confidence around rolling out my coaching and training offering underpinned by my new Agility Insights Method. A website will go live within three months and a book will follow a year from now!

Thank you Thought Leaders Blueprint and both Warren’s for keeping me accountable.”

Amy Nichole

Period Costume Designer


There is a lot that can be learned from taking time out to work on your personal values, especially as they can change over a lifetime. Clarifying your identity helps you move forward both professionally and personally. Knowing what is important to you helps target those with shared values and informs better decision making.

This would be a very useful annual exercise to keep in touch with your core being and goals for the future to keep both you and your business on track to success and satisfaction. Highly recommend the two Warrens!